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Subject: Thanks for your response 

From: "Fowowe " 

To: doctorsearch@yahoo.com

Dear Sam Hibrawi,

I recieved your mail dated wed, 17th October 2001 replying me on my  little demand. It s a pity that what you request for might not be sent for its not valid cause that was as at admission to the ortopeadic on the 5th may, 2000.Since it is need to be updated and as it is now, it has not been done. Hence, i will be forced to describe his presence condition.

As I said in my former letter that he was a spinal cord patient, which
occured through car accident. In his present condition; he can determine when to pass out urine and waste.Also, sensation has been restored all over his system.Though all the limbs were affected, and is still very difficuit for the limbs to come back to life,for it always hard to lift up the hands below the neck and that is how far he can move them.the fingers are not functioning, likewise his toes. More so, he has recorded some movement in hands but it is a pitiable sight.The less constitute, the greatest concern for the movement there is just slightly noticeable. Inshort, sitting for long is always  resuit in pain when helped to bed later in the day. He also experience sleepless nights. There is always involuntary movement
in the legs; when straighnen, it recoils suddenly like a spring.

Actually, the spinal dislocation is at thye neck, and sometimes he complains of pains at the point.Sitting for too long resuits to swolen of the legs. Finally he can twist himself,sit, stand or walk hence he is paralysed. He can only sit with 

I will be glad if you can help.

Best regards,

Next Kin

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Lagos- Nigeria

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