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Subject:  Dermatology Question
   Date:  Thu, 05 Jul 2001 16:46:46 -0400 (EDT)
   From:  Tripod Form Submission <samh@pacbell.net>
     To:  DMSCI <samh@pacbell.net>

Patient's First Name: amal

Patient's Family Name: 

Referring doctor's name: NA

Referring hospital's name: NA

Patient's Nationality: Bahrain

Medical condition: Please be specific: dermatological

Patient's Sex (Male/Female): female

Patient's Age range: 31

Date for patient be ready to start treatment: july 2001

Are the patient's medical records ready for transfer to the treating specialist/hospital? (Yes/No): Yes

E-Mail Address: jud2020

I have a dark colouration under my arm pit the hair growing area  and I tried the 
creams prescribed from my doctor which was lortiderm and I used it for a month and he gave me a tablet antifungal for a month and there was improvement then he told me to use pigmanoram and when I used it there was a problem the all area surronding the arm bit is becoming dark in colour and now not only the area where is the hair which is dark but the whole area surronding it 



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