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 Cross-Eyed Surgery
Saudi Arabia


Subject:  Surgery 
From:  Eid 
To:  doctorsearch@yahoo.com

Where I can find best surgery of cross-eyed, and surgery for bilateral dislocation (displacement) of hip joint, in Saudi Arabia, USA, Germany, U.K. 
        How much cost? 
        How many days take in hospital? 


Please answer the following questions for both types of surgeries: 
A.    Cross-eyed Surgery: 
B.    Bilateral dislocation (displacement) of hip joint 

               1.    Age of patient? __36_____Years 
               2.    Is the patient suffering from other diseases or medical condictions? 
                       If the answer is yes, please give details :
have some smoking disorders like Blood Pressure, Gout (Uric acid), 
(high triglycirdates)

                 Have Sickle Cell treated

                 Have G6PD

               3    Sex of patient? _yes___Male 
               4.    Is the patient taking any medications? 

                 Yes for blood pressure Hypoten 

                      for Gout: Zyloric and voltaren (some times)

                      for abdomen gas: dicetel, zymogen, Ranid

                      for headache: Panadol
               5.    Do you have the patient's  medical history to send to the specialist? 

                   He may do it.
               6.    How do you wish to pay for the treatment? 
                      _______Private Account or  _____ Medical  Insurance 

                     I didn't Not have any choice yet. But may be private account.
               7.    How soon is the patient ready for admission to the hospital? 

                    not raedy soon, may take some months
               8.    In what country is the patient currently present? 
                 In Saudi Arabia 
       Finally, I would appreciate knowing how did you find about our 
       Free Referral Services. 

                        It seem until now is Excellent.

       Best Regards 

       Fathi Aljishi 



My mother have Asthma, she found good medicine from a lebanon doctor live in USA  called Khoriaty, after less than one year after receiving his medicine by mail since more 15 years, we lost contact with him, and we couldn't know anything about him.  My mother wait for his medicine, he was made it. 

       Can you find him? 



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